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What is a dental implant?

Essentially, a dental implant replaces a missing tooth or teeth. Compared to other options, implants are considered a long-lasting treatment—which is one reason why people choose them.

First, a titanium post is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Over time, the bone fuses to the post, which creates a solid foundation for the replacement tooth. For a single tooth, we may decide to use a crown to attach with the post. When multiple teeth are involved, you may need a bridge or partial denture.  

Regardless of which restorative tooth structure is selected, the bone must be fully healed before we place the new tooth structure on the implant. That’s because the implant post works like an anchor that keeps the newly restored tooth firmly in place.  

Also keep in mind that healing time varies and may take several months before we actually place the restored tooth onto the implant. A temporary crown or bridge will fill the gap until your implant is ready for permanent tooth placement.

If you have more questions about implants, please ask one of our dentists so that we can help determine if you’re a good candidate. Implants are not an option for everyone, but if you are a candidate, an implant is the restorative option most like your own natural teeth. 

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