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Considering Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry Longmeadow MAFlagship Dental offers a wide variety of cosmetic treatments and procedures to help bring out your dazzling smile. Whether you want to brighten up discolored teeth or correct flaws like chips or misshapen teeth, we have lots of options to help give you the natural smile you desire.

Tooth Whitening

Tired of looking at yellow teeth or dingy stains you wish would go away? An at-home tooth whitening kit could be the only thing separating you from that bright white smile you want.  

Our dentists at Flagship will create custom trays specified to your upper and lower bite—and provide a prescription-strength whitening gel to use with them. Our whitening kit is an easy, safe, convenient way to brighten up your teeth and smile.

Porcelain Veneers

Maybe you weren’t born with perfect teeth. Or maybe your teeth have taken some abuse over the years—from chips to discoloration. Veneers can help transform your teeth by closing gaps and hiding the chips and discoloration.

Longmeadow MA Cosmetic DentistVeneers are thin coverings placed over the tooth. The custom fit and delicately matched color gives a natural look while their durability outlasts other options. And because veneers are more stain resistant, they help keep your smile bright and shiny.

Metal-Free Crowns

Crowns can restore a failing tooth after a root canal and can also be used cosmetically to cover up misshapen teeth. With an all-porcelain crown, you won’t see that visible dark metal line against your gums. If esthetics matter to you, this type of crown might be a good option. Keep in mind, at Flagship Dental, we only work with the best labs in the Longmeadow metro area—labs known for using top-grade materials.


Dental Crowns Longmeadow MAA bridge is a semi-permanent dental restoration that fits in between two crowns. It’s a cost effective way to fill a gap in your teeth, which helps prevent surrounding teeth from shifting. If ignored, shifting teeth can change your bite and create uncomfortable pressure points.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tired of looking at those silver fillings in your back teeth? Composite resin fillings, which can be blended to perfectly match the natural shade of your teeth, can replace the silver ones. This gives all your teeth one consistent color. Whether you need a cavity filled or just want to create a consistent look, tooth-colored fillings can brighten up your smile.

Additionally, we can use the tooth-colored composite resin to address minor flaws, such as chips and spots of discoloration, and even extend short teeth or fill in gaps between teeth. This procedure is simple, inexpensive, and can often be completed in just a single visit.

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