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Digital X-Rays & Records in Longmeadow, MA

Dental X-Rays Longmeadow MAModern technology offers huge advantages when it comes to your health care. At Flagship Dental, we’ve taken the time to investigate the technologies we feel will be the most beneficial to our patients, and then incorporated those technologies into our practice.

Among the many technologies used in our practice, one of the most helpful and practical has been our switch to digital x-rays and records.

Digital Records

You may recall the days when your records were stored in a folder, which was kept in a file. Not only did your dentist and hygienist have to spend time flipping through the papers to get caught up on your condition, the files had to be retrieved and stored. If information needed to be sent to a specialist or your insurance company, it needed to be either physically mailed or sent by fax. This slowed things down considerably.

With the advent of digital records, your dentist and hygienist have access to your records instantly. They can immediately see details from your last visit and highlight important findings so potential problems can be tracked.

If you need to visit a specialist, we can send your records to them electronically and securely—almost instantly. Plus, since your files are stored online, we can use our office space for patient care instead of storage.   

Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental X-Rays Longmeadow MAX-rays are one of dentistry’s most valuable diagnostic tools. During our exams, we look carefully at your teeth and gums to identify any areas of concern. While we are thorough and can identify a number of problems with a visual exam, it’s impossible for us to see what is happening beneath the gums and enamel and, often, between the teeth. X-rays, however, allow us to see these areas and identify problems when they are in their earliest stages—before they are visible to the naked eye.

Digital x-rays take this advantage even further. Not only do they use considerably less radiation than traditional x-rays, they also make diagnostics faster and more accurate. Just like when you take an image with a digital camera, digital x-rays appear on our monitor almost instantly. No more waiting for film to develop. This also eliminates the need for chemicals to develop the film, which is better for the environment.

Because these digital images are viewed on a computer monitor, we can also zoom in, colorize, and enhance the image in other ways so that we can get a better look at a potential problem area and show you exactly what we see. When you can clearly see the problem, you’ll be able to make better choices about your treatment.

Your x-rays are also stored in your digital file. This makes it easy for your dentist to pull up past records quickly so that the images can be compared for faster diagnostics and better tracking.

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We’re excited about the technology we’ve incorporated into our practice, and we think you will be too. Call Flagship Dental in Longmeadow, MA today to learn more about the modern conveniences we offer our patients.

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