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Periodontal Evaluation and Treatment in Longmeadow

Periodontal Treatment Longmeadow MAOur hygienists at Flagship Dental care about helping you keep your gums healthy. That’s why they go through extensive training and know how to spot gum disease right away. They also perform treatments like deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) to help slow the progression of periodontal disease.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Teeth are prone to plaque, a sticky substance that attracts bacteria. Proper oral hygiene, like daily brushing and flossing, goes a long way toward preventing plaque and bacteria build-up in the mouth. But when plaque hardens and turns into tartar, it can cause periodontal (gum) disease and inflammation. 

Even if you brush and floss regularly, a certain amount of plaque and tartar is inevitable. Dentists and hygienists are your best defense when it comes to removing tartar and preventing gum disease.

Prevention—The Best Way to Slow Gum Disease

Anyone who visits the dentist regularly may think their hygienist is obsessed with probing their gums and announcing what probably sounds like random numbers: 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3. But when your hygienist checks your gums, she’s looking for deep pockets that could indicate the onset of early gum disease. Bigger numbers indicate deeper pockets.

Like most diseases, when discovered early, gum disease is much easier to treat. Early detection decreases your odds of needing more extensive surgical treatment. That’s why regular dental check-ups are so important—they can help your dental provider detect disease in the early stages.

At Flagship Dental, each exam includes a periodontal exam that checks for gum disease. 

Treating Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment Longmeadow MAAdvanced gum disease can lead to more serious concerns, like bone loss. That’s why we like to treat the problem as soon as possible. At Flagship Dental, we are all about early detection of gum disease. When we find gum disease in early stages, we can treat the problem with non-invasive procedures. In some cases, your dentist will apply medication to each individual pocket. 

Don’t wait for symptoms. One of the challenges of periodontal disease is that there may be few symptoms and those that do occur can be easily written off as something else. This can cause periodontal disease to go unnoticed until a great deal of damage has been done. Routine cleanings and examinations don’t just help prevent gum disease; they also help us catch gum disease that does happen to develop as early as possible.

Periodontal disease is the number one cause of lost teeth in American adults. We want to help you preserve your smile and keep it as healthy as possible.

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If you notice changes in your oral health and have any questions about gum disease, please give us a call today to schedule an evaluation. In many cases, progression of gum disease can be slowed or prevented by working closely with your dentist. 

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