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When you choose a dental office, it’s important to consider the technology they use to run their practice. That includes everything from day-to-day operations, like managing patient information, to the equipment used to evaluate your oral health.

At Flagship Dental, we value the use of innovative technologies and continually invest in them. By doing so, Flagship Dental is able to provide our patients with some of the latest treatments while improving the overall experience. 

Digital X-Rays

At Flagship Dental, we use state-of-the art digital x-ray imaging instead of the old standby film x-ray machines. That means no more uncomfortable bite wings that stick out of your mouth. Instead, we use full series digital panoramic images to see what’s going on inside your mouth, in between your teeth and beneath the gums.

We’ve made the switch for many reasons—including the high quality images. But one reason in particular is because digital is better for you—digital x-ray sends about 80% less radiation through your body than traditional film x-rays. And if you should need to work with a specialist, we can electronically send your images to that provider, which usually means fewer x-rays and more efficiency. 

CAD/CAM Technology

Another innovative tech upgrade at Flagship Dental is CAD/CAM technology, an innovative computer system that allows our dentists to offer “same day” crowns, known as Planmeca FIT. This advance in dental technology imaging and design capability allows our dentists to shorten the time it takes you to get a crown restoration.  

The obvious advantage of CAD/CAM technology is time savings for you. But it also facilitates our dental team in creating a custom-designed crown that fits precisely to the specifications of your mouth. This scientific advance streamlines the process of making crowns while it drives efficiencies for everyone involved. Plus, the results are outstanding. 

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